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Authors & Speakers!

You Are Leaving Money & Impact On The Table!

Do you feel you have an important, potentially life-changing message to share with students or educators?

What if you could share that life-changing message and get paid thousands of dollars to do so, even though you are not well-known?


This sounds great; you are willing to do the work, but don't have a clue as to where to begin.

Again, YOU ARE WILLING TO DO THE WORK, but don't have a clue where to begin.


Mills "Mr. Rodge" Rodgers is offering his Speaking Your Speaking Business Into Existence coaching program.   Speaking Your Speaking Business Into Existence is an online program designed to educate authors and new speakers on building a speaking business in the education market.  He shares his knowledge and strategies that have helped him to partner with over 70 institutions and sell over 3000 books as a self-published author.  He is a former teacher with over a decade of experience, meaning he understands what decision makers are thinking about when they bring in speakers.  How many speaker business coaches have that type of experience?  It's pretty hard to find.


How Can Speaking Your Speaking Business Into Existence Help?


  • It shortens the learning curve.  Like anything, there is a lot to learn in developing into a paid speaker.  Honestly, at least 80% (I would even say 90%) of being a speaker is not about actually speaking!  It is about positioning yourself; in other words, setting yourself up for business.


  • Understanding what to focus on.  As a beginner, it is easy to "obsess" or become preoccupied with things that really won't move the needle for your speaking business.  It's good to have someone who can share information with you on what is feasible for you as a beginner.


  • It's a process. To build any business, there are steps to be taken and sacrifices to be made.  It can also be an emotional roller coaster.  A lot of times, those closest to us are unable to relate.  It helps to have a coach (or any businessperson) that can relate.

  • Speaking is a business.  Trust me, it is easy to be a great speaker, but have no actual, real business.  Like I mentioned previously, speaking is only a very small part of the speaking business.  You will have minimal impact (and income) if you treat speaking as a hobby.  I've seen many people quit speaking because they don't approach it as a business.

What Mr. Rodge Offers

Mr. Rodge offering an online course on how to build your speaking business for the education industry.  

Overview of topics covered in Speaking Your Speaking Business Into Existence


  • Why speak?

  • Why should someone hire you to speak?  

  • Speaking in the college market

  • Speaking in the K-12 market

  • Why is a website important?

  • What is important about your website?

  • Options for a website

  • The good and bad of social media

  • Outreach to prospects (CRM).  

  • Strategies to find prospects 

  • More strategies to find prospects

  • Speak for free vs. fee

  • Pricing

  • Proposals

  • Contracts

  • Meeting client needs

  • Presentations

  • After the presentation

Again, if you're an author, you are leaving A LOT of money on the table if you are not speaking.  It actually makes no sense for you not to be seeking paid engagements as an author.  Mr. Rodge can give you the knowledge you need for an investment that can easily be doubled when you would get that first engagement.  Through September 26, the Pre-Sell price for his course is $799, compared to $999.  You could easily make at least 3 times that amount by getting a paid engagement......and honestly, $2400 is on the relatively low end in the speaking game.  The course will be released on October 12, 2021.  Again, you can purchase now at $799, for a savings of $200.

If you're an author, you owe you.  You've done the work of writing the book; now it's time to take the next step.  Click here to move forward.


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