College Students

1:1 Speaker Business Coaching In the Education Market 

Do you feel you have an important message to share with students or educators?


Would you like to become a speaker, but don't have a clue as to where to start?

Have you seen other speaker business coaching programs that look great, but are out of your price range?

If you are entering the speaking business with little to no experience, but are in need of affordable guidance, coaching, and mentorship, look no further!


Mr. Rodge is offering affordable 1:1 speaker business coaching for the education market.  He shares his knowledge and strategies that have helped him make $25K in the span of 2 months during the pandemic by booking paid engagements and the selling of his book and programs.  


Why Should I Utilize A Coach?


  • It shortens the learning curve.  Like anything, there is a lot to learn in developing into a paid speaker.  Honestly, at least 80% (I would even say 90%) of being a speaker is not about actually speaking!  It is about positioning yourself; in other words, setting yourself up for business.


  • Understanding what to focus on.  As a beginner, it is easy to "obsess" or become preoccupied with things that really won't move the needle for your speaking business.  It's good to have someone who can share information with you on what is feasible for you as a beginner.


  • It's a process. To build any business, there are steps to be taken and sacrifices to be made.  It can also be an emotional roller coaster.  A lot of times, those closest to us are unable to relate.  It helps to have a coach (or any businessperson) that can relate. 

What Mr. Rodge Offers

Mr. Rodge offers 1:1 mentorship and guidance on how to build your speaking business for the education industry.  He offers the options of purchasing the total package of 7 sessions of coaching or purchasing individual sessions which you feel will most benefit you.

Overview of Sessions (1:1 Coaching, 1-1.5 hours each); after each session, there are recommended tasks to complete.


  • Session 1- Identifying why someone would hire you to speak.  Why do you want to speak and why should someone hire you?  Key questions that determine how you should approach your prospects.  Not as easy to figure out as it sounds.

  • Session 2- Understanding the importance of a website. Options for building a website, what is important, and why, when it comes to how it relates to speaking.

  • Session 3- Critiquing website, understanding how social media helps and how it could hinder.

  • Session 4- Outreach to prospects.  Reaching out to clients, importance of a CRM system, and options.

  • Session 5- Strategies to find prospects.  Honestly, this is where most people struggle and give up, without guidance in the speaking game.  Understanding how to find prospects and the dynamics involved is crucial.

  • Session 6- Pricing, proposals, negotiation, contracts.  What to do once you have an interested prospect.

  • Session 7- Meeting the needs of and servicing your client.  How to provide good service so that you can be recommended for future business.

Pricing (1:1 Coaching)

Individual session- $197; includes 1-1.5 hours of live coaching on Zoom and 1 week of access by email or phone with response within 4 hours (6:00 am to 10 pm).

3 sessions- $500; 3 individual sessions, at least one week apart, same terms as individual sessions

All 7 sessions (best value)- $1000; same terms as individual sessions

Fill out the contact form below to get started; in the details box, simply put you are interested in coaching for the speaking business.


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