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Mr. Rodge is a speaker who is unique in his ability to be credible to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.  His experiences as an educator and parent to a child with disabilities allows him to be cognizant and inclusive to those who are often overlooked and marginalized.  He connects especially well with millennial audiences, who see him as someone who is relatable while being well respected and authoritative voice on subjects of importance.  His diverse experiences (military veteran, educator, entrepreneur, retail, etc.) allow him to relate well to adults.

Mills bases his services on the three editions of his book Success Is A Process, Not An Event!   The concepts can be customized (and often are) to meet the needs of your group, whether it's  schools & college programs, corporations,  community services, or non-profits.  The following concepts can be presented as a series of workshops, individual presentations, or as a combined, customized presentation (which is most common).

  • T.A.K.E. C.A.R.E.©:  Leadership is all about serving others, i.e. servant leadership. We talk about servant leadership, but what does it look like?  How do we take care of others as leaders?  I have created an approach to servant leadership titled T.A.K.E. C.A.R.E.© that can be delivered in the form of a keynote or workshop for your events related to leadership.  It is a tangible approach that will resonate with audiences and is something they can use daily as leaders.  It also incorporates resilience, character, and equality.

  • You Can Win Being You!:  Many of us feel inadequate or undeserving of success because of an unreasonable degree of self consciousness.  We must understand our purpose; purpose leads us to having vision, ultimately resulting in tangible outcomes in performance.  Let's begin the process of attracting the change we want in our lives by beginning to find our purpose!

  • Keep Winning Being You....The College Educated Entrepreneur!  Education and entrepreneurship are not mortal enemies.  Unfortunately, it is popular for many gurus to portray it that way nowadays.  First off, an education is the one reliable way for the have nots to join those that have.  This has been proven.  Having a formal education supports starting your own business at some point.  In this presentation, we learn how the skills developed in earning a college degree align and support the skills needed to be an entrepreneur and why you should consider it.

  • Get Off My Lawn.....No, Pull Up A Chair! It is easy for older generations (baby boomers, older Gen Xers) to be critical of the younger generations.  On the same note, it is easy for Millennials and Gen Z to feel like those older generations are simply out of touch with society today.  In order to have truly impactful progress on diversity, inclusion, and equality, these groups need to understand the "why" of each others' overall philosphies.  Mr. Rodge, a Gen Xer stuck smack dab in the middle and embodying values from both groups, seeks to be a voice to help these groups get a better understanding of where the other group is coming from.  He uses his insights gained coming of age as a transitional Gen Xer to facilitate and move the diversity, inclusion, and equality movement forward through this highly interactive presentation.  Touches on the topics of injustice, education, family, relationships/sexuality, and more.

  • Y.A.L.E. (You Are Leaders Everyday): No, this is not related to that great university in Connecticut.  This presentation is great for all because the reality is that we are ALL leaders in some form or fashion.  Great leaders see themselves as winners!  This philosophy is based on the idea that if everyone (students, parents, teachers, etc.) functioned with the qualities of EFFECTIVE leaders, we could ascend more quickly to reaching our potential and purpose.

  • A New Season:  Mr. Rodge believes that sports emulates life in many ways and provides us great, compact examples we can apply to our lives.  In this presentation, he uses the analogy of a new season and the accompanying adversities most sports teams face as a comparison with our day to day lives.

  • Get R.E.A.D.Y. - The 5 Skills That Pay The Bills : A career readiness presentation.  The necessary skills that translate to success in school which transition over to the job world.

  • It's Your Time!- we obviously cannot change the amount of time we have in a day but we can change how we use that time.



Professional Development (Education, Non-Profit, & Corporate)

  • Being A Champion For Kids:  Half day or full day workshop on topics suchs as building relationships with students, the importance of structure for classroom management, leadership, and equity, among other topics that can be chosen.

  • G.R.E.A.T. C.A.R.E.©:  This one is geared toward relating to those who our organizations' serve.  Every organization is made up of people and serves people.  Great organizations master relationships from within and understand the importance of relationships with the population they serve outside of the building. This training is an approach to building relationships and customer service that can easily be implemented, yet is very impactful.  Great for leadership training and taking care of your customers with a focus on serving exceptional populations (disabled, multicultural, etc.).

  • Inspiring A Mindset To Flourish As An Educator (keynote):  We talk about social emotional learning for students, but what about for our educators?  Let's face it, being in the classroom is very rewarding, but extremely demanding on a psychological level.  In this presentation, Mr. Rodge takes us through the "why" of what we do, with practical application.  He uses his experiences as an educator and parent to a child with special needs to add context to the importance of SEL for educators.  He also ties in the importance of cultural relevance and relationships in becoming a more effective educator on a holistic level.  Some key objectives include: practical insights and skills to help educators handle their own emotions and mindset;  strategies to help limit unnecessary turnover, which tends to impact students who need stability the most; and strategies to empower teachers to realize the autonomy they possess to impact students in their own unique way.

  • If It IS Broke, Let's Fix It!  We've all heard the saying "If it ain't broke, why fix it?"  Unfortunately, we have programs that do need fixing from time to time.  Mr. Rodge has worked with 2 struggling programs for at-risk students.  Through his guidance and collaboration, both programs made drastic turnarounds, which resulted in a positive impact on the students served, reflected by data.  In this interactive session, Mr. Rodge shares insights on how to change the culture of a struggling program.  Some key objectives are understanding how programs get to the point of struggling and what is needed to turn the program around.


Advocate for Children with Special Needs & Their Families/At-Risk Students


Rodgers Speaks is passionate about issues that impact special education students and the education of at-risk students.  His oldest daughter is diagnosed with severe autism; he has also served as a special education teacher and case manager for many years.  As a result, Mr. Rodgers has valuable professional and personal insights into issues related to special education and at-risk students.  He has customized presentations to faculties based on establishing relationships with students/parents, classroom management, developing empathy, growth mindset, and diversity awareness.


Because Mr. Rodge is not associated with any agencies and bureaus, he has the latitude to negotiate a fee that will meet the needs of your budget.  He sincerely wants to share practical positivity with audiences, thus he is flexible within reason with fees.  Depending on the size of the anticipated audience, he is willing to offer added value by giving organizations the option to purchase his books for participants, in advance of the engagement, in lieu of a speaking fee; many organizations love this option.  He also recommends schools in close proximity "block book" (2 or more schools booking on an agreed upon date) to share and save on costs.

If you are interested in Rodgers Speaks visiting your organization , click "Contact" in the menu above and fill out the required information.  You can also call (210) 651-2026 or email

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