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ABOUT Mr. Rodge's Neighborhood

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Would your event benefit from a speaker who shares insights gained in overcoming the challenges of:

-teaching 15 years in public schools?

-being a parent to a child with autism and an intellectual disability?

-dealing with disappointment and underachievement?

-addressing mental health issues as an Army mental health specialist?

-finding purpose?

-being part of a culture change of 2 troubled at-risk education programs?


Hello everyone!  Thank you for taking time to visit the website of Mr. Rodge's Neighborhood!  First off, I would like to share some information about myself. I am a former educator that worked in a variety of capacities and schools for over a decade.  Some of the positions I have held include special education teacher, general education science teacher, science instructional coach, academic instructional coach, administrative intern, and substitute assistant principal.


I also served in the US Army as a mental health NCO, which, in civilian lingo, is a counselor.  Lastly, I am a parent to my oldest daughter, who has been diagnosed with moderate to severe autism.  I can honestly say that parenting a child with special needs has so many "behind the scenes" challenges that many people, including educators, overlook.  I am compelled to share my insights about being parent to a special needs child with others in order to build awareness.

I am also a published author.  The title of my series of books is Success Is A Process, Not An Event, which incorporates the concepts of the growth mindset, leadership, and resilience to facilitate reaching our maximum potential as teachers, leaders, and students.

I have conducted presentations on a wide range of topics to students and faculties.  I also champion the issues related to the challenges parents of special needs children incur.  My personal and professional experiences have allowed me to gain some unique insights on a variety of topics that I believe can have a positive impact on the lives of many.

If you are interested in Rodgers Speaks visiting your organization, click "Contact" in the menu above and fill out the required information.  You can also call (210) 651-2026 or email

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