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Mr. Rodge's Neighborhood

Meeting N.E.E.D.S. of students!

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Mills "Mr. Rodge" Rodgers 

One of the Top Speakers/Trainers on Inclusive Classrooms For Students of All Backgrounds & Ability Levels.







Mills "Mr. Rodge" Rodgers's purpose is to help educators meet the N.E.E.D.S of students, which entails inclusive classrooms and an environment that supports learning.   Leadership, service, and personal development are also topics of emphasis for him.  He has a passion for working with people, having been an educator for over a decade & an Army medic/mental health specialist.  While willing and able to relate to all audiences, part of Mr. Rodge's platform targets those that that society has either marginalized or overlooked. He is also a champion of children with special needs, with his oldest daughter being diagnosed as a person with autism and ID and also having been a special education teacher.  He feels it is important to provide insights concerning children and adults with disabilities. 


Mr. Rodge has recently published You Can Win Being You, the 4th edition in his Success Is A Process, Not An Event series. The purpose is to help people understand that they have what it takes, that they are good enough to be successful, while being true to who they are.  It focuses on the importance of self-empowerment, character, resilience, and leadership.  


Mr. Rodge offers workshops, presentations, & coaching based on concepts from his book that incorporate the topics of:

  • Educational equity (being a champion & ally for K-12 students and families)

  • Personal Development (resilience, character, growth mindset)

  • Leadership

  • Diversity,Equity, & Inclusion in the workplace and college campuses

  • Wellness (emotional & physical)


His goal is to provide interactive, practical, & thought-provoking engagements to help audiences find and stay on the path to their destiny. 

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