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Consistency on Campus!

The school year is in full gear! The novelty of returning to school, for teachers and students, has likely worn off. We always want to get off to a good start, which in all honesty, is pretty easy. When you think about it, the beginning of the school year is when you are least likely to have your most serious disruptions. Yes, there may be issues with registration and scheduling; this is to be expected. Students are generally well prepared and on their best behavior for the early days of schools; teachers are full of energy and have enthusiasm for their new students. The first week or 2 of school is typically as close to utopia as an educator can imagine!

As we get into the grind of the school year, it is important that all adults on campus focus on consistency. The students take their cues from adults. In my observations, I have found that many teachers struggle with consistent expectations in the classroom due to making it too complicated to monitor expectations. Sometimes, they actually have too many expectations, which are difficult to monitor and manage. In other cases, it is the teacher’s own personality traits that hinder holding kids accountable. The most effective educators keep it simple while understanding how to hold high expectations for students, using their own unique approach. Students thrive when educators are consistent; they crave predictability since that means there is one less thing to focus on. When teachers are consistent and predictable, students are better able to focus on learning. We owe it to our students to set them up for success!